100 Roofing Calls & Leads A Month Formula

Generating a consistent flow of roofing calls and leads is the number one challenge for most roofing contractors, this can vary depending on the season and the economy but very few companies will be in the position where they will never need more clients (probably none) but lets allow for the exception.  

With that in mind the next question is well if the number one challenge for most roofing contractors is more business, well how do we achieve this is a exact manner that allow the contractor to not only, get more clients, but how do we do it so we can get more automatically and consistently when we need it, this is important as depending on the economy and what is going on economically, contractors will be busy but this will vary on how the economy is going as well as other factors like weather, supply of business is never consistent and because of this, we need to be able to feed in more clients when things are slowing down. 

The Problem

For most roofing contractors, the challenge is to build a consistent flow of roofing calls and leads every month and do so consistently and when you need more calls, how to increase the volume and broaden the geographic areas you want to receive regular calls and leads form.  How do you do this consistently and precisely, Well here we will go over the formulae.

The Solution

So the question is how do we generate over 100 calls and leads a month and grow that when and as we need it?

  1.  Set up an Adwords account and avoid the more simplified version as it will not give you the options that you will require.  Adwords will generate depending on where you are: Europe (Say UK & Ireland) approximately 25 calls per 1000 spent.  For US it will depend where you are but around 10-15 calls per 1000 spent.   So for 2000 spent in Adwords you should be able to generate around 50 calls a month if it is setup correctly and optimised.
  2. The account will need to be set up in the following manner, you will need to divide your keywords into a few different categories, so each category gets its own section such as, roof repairs, flat roofing, guttering, roofing etc, don't mix the groups when laying out your categories and the reason for this will become clear.
  3. Build three ads per categories with different titles and sub headings, but tailor the headings to the category if the category is flat roofing, then the headings will be flat roofing related nothing else.
  4. You will need to build Landing pages for each keyword category so not only will the landing page be about the category, example flat roofing, the heading and sub heading of the ad as well as the content will be directly related to the category there by greatly increasing Adwords relevance and greater customer conversion so when the put in "flat roofing repairs city" your ad and landing page will be directly relevant to this.  For more information on Adwords relevance and building better ads, go here
  5.  Adwords Quality Score, Adwords will give you a ranking when or a score when it comes to relevance and your ads and ad experience should be above be above average where possible or average at the lowest.  When it comes to your ads, if it's below average, you have not done the above steps.  Page experience also needs to be considered, so relevance and things like headings and load speed will factor into above average score.
  6. Step six you will need to open your Google my- business account if you have not already done so. GMB will be responsible for bringing in another 30 calls a month if set up correctly.
    1. Open account and verify your listing with Google.
    2. Fill out the account as much as you can and include as much info as you can.
    3. Post images images about jobs completed weekly for the different services categories and do so from you mobile phone with the locations switched on so Google can see where you are operating from.
    4. Post weekly about work completed in the different services you offer, such as flat roofing, guttering , roofing repairs etc.  Do this in your Google My-Business listing.  
  7.  On your website, build out location pages for all the locations you are targeting, and connect your Google Maps to each location so your website, GMB are starting to cooperate together.
  8. Build out Citations and order a package if you have not already done so for your site.  Look at Brightlocal or providers for this.  Each service page location should be linked to your maps.
  9. Build about one backlink local and relevant if possible a week to your website and GMB listing.  For more information to back-linking see this guide.
  10.  You will need to connect up your facebook account and set it up if you have not already done so.
    1. Put the facebook pixel on your website
    2. Open an ads account with facebook here at business.facebook.com
    3.  You will need to open and ads account and fill it out completely and setup payment.
    4. Next step is to run an engagement campaign at approximately 5 Euros or Dollar per day for a week or two.  Every time you post a blog article on your website on a weekly bases about your services and the location you serve, you will generate engagement and traffic for your blog, this will so two things for you, it will generate traffic to your new blog and it will capture a future audience for your future ads.
    5. Set up audiences inside in your facebook ads account, audiences will allow you to build a profile of the audience that you want to capture geographically and socially.  These audience will tell facebook when you run an ad, Facebook please run this ad to anyone that has engaged with my articles or visited by website in the last few months.  The facebook pixel that you placed on your website will build a profile of the home owners or businesses you want to capture.
    6.  Start running ads to your engagement audiences that you created  in facebook, These ads will generate you another 20 calls and leads a month.
  11.  Final step is to make sure you collect leads on your lead form that should include the phone number and email.  These leads will bring in another 10-15 leads a month.

The total amount of calls should be approximately as follows: Adwords 30 calls depending on budget.  Google My-business (GMB) - 30 calls.  Facebook - 20 calls, and email leads 20 leads.    

If you would like help in building your roofing contractor brand you can get in touch here to get a free roofing brand road map schedule a time to speak here.  



About the author, Patric Foley

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