€1000 Adspend-How many roofing calls will I get?




€1000 Adspend

Ok, you want to run an Adwords campaign but you are not sure what to expect and what kind of results you should get or benchmark towards and this is a common question from dealing with a-lot of roofing contractors throughout Ireland, UK and even as far as Australia.  

We try and answer this question as it give you the contractor some line of measurement or expectation with regard to running advertising and we all know, many have run campaigns and got poor results and maybe this has been you.  

You put money into a campaign either run by yourself and maybe someone that you know said they could help you or even and an agency. In the end you have nothing to show for your money and now you are convinced that advertising does not work so you continue to run what used work in the past like newspaper ads etc.  Now this is not working as well as it used to and you are back to square one,

how do you get more roofing clients and what is it going to cost me, how do I create ads that will beat my competitors? and start getting a consistent flow of clients.

A few things to consider when it comes to Google Adwords and before I give you the averages of what to expect.  Somethings you need to know about Adwords and when its effective and when it is less effective.

  • Overall the Adwords system is an excellent system for generating roofing calls and will give you a great return for your money very consistently when done right and used effectively by anyone who is an expert at roofing Adwords.  
  • Adwords is less effective during any log-weekend, holiday season or when when there is any national event.  Traffic will be slower and this impacts your results greatly. 
  • Don't try and use the system yourself without proper training even after talking to a Google Representative because the odds are you will waste money before realising I cant do this, but of course you can but with the right coaching. 
  • Hire a roofing ads expert as they will and should get you the return for your money and you should know exactly what volume of calls you will get for your spend.

The cost of roofing calls will vary depending on what country, and city you are competing to get calls in.

The cost of calls between Ireland and the UK is not that great but the cost of roofing calls and leads using Adwords between Europe and USA is dramatically more expensive, depending on what city or state you are in the USA you can pay up to $100 per call and beyond but some of these leads will be for large roof that may run to $15,000 to $20,000 which is obviously different chasing roof repair calls and leads that can generate €1,000 to €3000.

The Problem: 1000 Adspend: Ire & UK Avg.

We have an ad spend budget to run a roofing campaign in Ireland or the UK and we are not interested in targeting larger cities like London or Manchester or Birmingham but we do include Dublin.  We are going to run the campaign five days a week from 8:00am to 5:00pm and there are no planned national holidays and we are not operating in August or December. How many calls should I expect?

The Solution:

You can expect to receive between 20-25 calls from homeowners looking for your services in Month 1.  Average cost per call approximately between €40-50.  (not including management fees) This is an average figure and will vary depending on many things but after running hundreds of roofing campaigns for a number of years now, these are our average figures you can expect to see if your campaign is successfully run by a roofing Adwords expert. If you need help in getting 2022 off to a prosperous start, get in touch hereto help you with your campaigns.  go here to find out more

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