168 Roofing Leads in 90 Days

Generating 56 Roofing Leads A Month

Adwords Campaign

168 Roofing Leads

90 Days

56 Per Month

Cost Per Click €6.30

City Size 125,000

Average Cost Per Lead: €43

                                                         Time Of Year: Jan - March

Expected Lead volume for April - October: 65 (Same Ad spend)

We set out to generate a consistent flow of roofing leads for our client for each month, the above roofing leads were generated using Google Adwords and achieved in a fairly quiet period of the year for roofing from January to March end of 2023.  

The city population size was or target ares for the Google Adwords campaign was 125,000 in the city and if we include the county we have a population of 225,000 for the county.

Most leads were received within the city area which is alway easier for Google Adwords Campaigns in targeting high population areas with high density.  

The total adspend for the roofing Adwords Campaign over 90 days was €7,250 euro approximately 2,400 per month resulting in a cost per lead of approximately 43 euro per roofing lead that came in.

January to March is not a busy time of year so later in the year we can expect to generate around 60-65 leads a month from April to October approximately.

If you need us to help you in generating consistent calls and leads on a monthly bases, get in touch to see how we can help you.

 Contact Patric here at Roofclient.com.

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