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Roofing SEO

Hi there and you’re welcome to us here at Patric Thomas an online marketing consultancy with SEO expertise  providing a range of Search Marketing consultancy services.  Our business is a one stop shop for any contractor and tradesmen company who want to build their profile and create a larger presence online and be seen by a wider range of prospects and work on turning those prospects into clients over a course of time.  We work on not only optimising your business and brand but converting those potential clients into actual clients.  In order to achieve this, we use a range of search engine optimisation and search marketing services to build the overall presence and profile a business whether it's Local, Regional or National.

Local Roofing SEO

Whether you're a local practice or business focusing on a specific geographic region like one of the above cities or even just a segment of the city, we can provide a number of services that can help your business get better prominence and visibility on the search engines as well as PPC and other organic areas that your clients and customers may find you.

Services of Interest to you may include the following:

  • Google Maps
  • Local SEO
  • Paid Ads

Regional and National SEO

For larger companies that may be are more regional and cover multiple cities and have a more broader and bigger geographic reach, in this case, your practice or business may have multiple offices and need to rank for a range of keywords within a niche industry sector but may also want to rank for this keywords in multiple cities and regions.  Organic search will play a bigger part of your SEO strategy.  Simply put, a local roofer serving a single local city will have a different needs and requirements to larger roofing company operating regionally or nationally where they may need to rank for several cities or counties.  Services of Interest to you may include the following:

The Problem:

SEO takes a few months to rank and can be expensive to rank for competitive keywords but in the long run it's the cheaper option for anyone. How to get calls now while keeping costs down in long run.

The Solution:

Short term option is set up and run Google Adwords to get calls now.  Medium term option is to get set up on Google Maps and Long-term option is to optimise using SEO for competitive keywords so you can cut back on your adspend a few months down the road and you have your SEO ranking you can then use SEO calls (organic free calls) to subsidise  you Google Ads spend.  

Google Maps & Local SEO

We are a small SEO practice providing SEO and leads as well as a more personalised search service for Roofing Contractors where I personally hold myself accountable to my clients.  Unlike other larger agency type practices, I prefer to in direct contact with my clients where they can contact me personally anytime if they have a problem or need something done.  We like to working on a more one to one basis and to make sure we generate the best ROI we can for our clients.  Search optimisation is a long-term strategy and investment and we make sure that you brand is correctly optimised and will generate a sufficient return for you long after your business is has built up strong online presence and has in their industry sector.  


Our SEO expertise focuses on Search Engine Optimisation for Roofing Contractor  For most companies, their search requirements will be either local or National including Regional based.  Apart from a company wanting to rank for specific keywords, a business may want to focus on building their brand, making sure their overall presence has an impact. 

Our strengths and expertise are in providing a personalised service for our Roofing Clients who want to iterate and improve their online presence and brand authority over time and want someone to help build them up to carve out their segment of their sector.  We have worked with a lot of roofing contractors both locally, nationally and internationally as far as Australia, UK, US and Irish Roofing Contractors.  If you want to build out your brand authority both locally or nationally or just run paid ads campaigns we can help you deliver results.  Get in touch below.

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