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Generating Calls Every Month 

So chances are if you're watching this video you're a roofing contractor that has been either referred or found us online, if that's the case you're probably in that situation where you need more calls and leads coming in and you're looking for some guidance and help in getting that done.  Well if that’s the case, we can help you there as this is our expertise.  

What We Will Cover in here:

In this video what we will cover is the following:

  • 4 methods you can use to generate more calls and leads
  • The single most challenging thing facing most roofing companies
  • How to generate sustainable and consistent calls and leads 
  • How to overcome the biggest challenge facing roofing contractors as well as all local businesses.

Marketing: Traditional V’s New Method

You don't need me to tell you that online marketing is the most effective way of generating roofing leads and some of our clients have been using newspapers, and some other lead generators to get them calls but they have been struggling with that and a lot of those 80’s / 90’s marketing techniques have died at this stage.

Where Your Prospects Search

When you ask anyone now to find and call a local service provider the first thing they do is pick up their mobile phone and do a text search or voice search for service + geo area, if your roofing business does not show up for that search on the first page of listings, you don’t exist, at least not on the online world anyway.  And if you don't, that's ok as your competitors are probably on there anyway.

Changing Circumstances & Too Quiet V’s Too Busy

When roofing contractors come to us, they nearly always need more leads and calls which is of course why we are here and that is fine.  However they usually require those leads and calls as a result of changing circumstances which we will discuss later in the video and how we deal with that issue.  

They are usually in one of two positions, and that is either too busy or not too quiet and both are a problem when it comes to getting leads, if you're too quiet and need calls quickly, we can get you calls quickly but its a short term fix having sufficient budget and resources can be challenging

If you are too busy, that is better as you don't need the leads urgently, but building out brand authority takes time and effort and when you are too busy it's not ideal and you don't have the time to put into it, however it is the time to start building out your authority.

Solving The Problem

So the question we need to answer is how do you as a roofing company deal with changing circumstances, unpredictability while consistently generating sustainable leads and calls that will allow your business to grow despite the ongoing challenge of peaks and troughs in everyday business.


About Us

Hi My name is Patric, founder and owner of the Top roofing marketing agency serving mainly Ireland and UK, we also run some international campaigns for contractors in Australia and US.

Over the last 36months including Covid we were delivering approximately 5,000 roof calls a year to our clients and this does not include email leads and other appointments.  

We expect to be doing around 7,000 this year and growing. 

We are experts at helping roofing contractors build their online authority so they can generate consistent flow of calls and leads online.  That’s what we do and we’re very good at it.  We are specialists in our field unlike most other agencies that are generalists and serve most industries. 

Our expertise helping roofing contractors generate consistent flow of sustainable calls and leads for their business allowing them to build out their brand authority and expertise locally.

Main Problem Examination

Most roofing businesses owners, and indeed near all types of business owners experience the typical highs and lows of peaks and troughs of running a business where you're either going up a hill or coming down one but rarely for very long on a flat even run of steady consistent progress.  Your solving one problem at a time coming out of it and going back into another one when it comes to growth and consistent business between finding leads, getting quotes, getting the job, doing the job and starting back all over again hoping that more projects will come, and for a time it does but you inevitably hit another quiet patch and you start wondering about wages and all that goes with it.

So the challenge is how do we level out the ground so we have a more consistent run and generating leads and clients and so we can manage to get the jobs done with worrying too much about where the next project is coming from before we hit another quiet period and keep a more even run and surface reducing the amount of peaks and trough in the normal life cycle of a business?  

This is the question: how do we achieve greater consistency and sustainability with our leads and calls that will allow us to get a better run at growth and so the business can consistently grow profitably while minimising future quiet patches and uphill struggles?

Solving The Main Problem

The solution is to symbolically cut a road through the hills and valleys or challenges that we meet when it comes to growth of a roofing business.  We need to level the road, achieving this will involve getting more leads and calls on a more consistent basis to allow us to grow over longer periods of time and level out that unpredictability that faces us every time there is a change in circumstances.  

Often roofers come to us looking for leads primarily when circumstances change, something has happened to shove them to consider needing help in getting more assistance in generating more leads, sending them back to sometimes square one or generating more calls and leads after a period of fairly good growth.

As we described in picture, we are often going up the hill or coming down it and we need to do what we can to level the surface or challenges that create changing circumstances especially when it comes to lead generation

The Solution to solving this problem by creating and building out greater brand authority and expertise that puts you in a position to command more authority so when circumstances change again in the future you have a buffer against it.

Why Brand Authority & Expertise

Question is I hear you asking is why would brand authority give you a buffer and put you in a position to be able to generate more calls and leads and be cushioned against changing circumstances.

We'll an expert or authority in their niche and industry sector or specific trade such as roofing who is seen to be an expert and a specialist and the best at what they do will always be considered top of mind by potential clients and prospects.  This opportunity will continuously give you priority for getting more clients as well as creating more demand and more demand creates more demand and vice versa, it becomes self reinforcing when implemented correctly so when circumstances change you still maintain your position and demand remains more consistent.  

Brand Authority and expertise will prioritise your service over other competitors in your space when you occupy that space also making it very difficult for others to compete creating sustainability and consistency which becomes built in.

How To Achieve This

Ok so you need leads and calls for your business what are your options in solving the problem of generating leads and calls from homeowners so you are not in this same situation again in twelve months, because if your not solving your long term, then you’ll be back in that situation again in at some point down the road, staring at the same place you were probably in 1 to 2 years back.  That's not where you want to be.

Most customers when it comes to your service will search the internet as a primary source of information, if you provide the most useful and relevant information there, this makes you the most useful source which starts the process of becoming an authority.

The primary tool used to source information these days is the mobile phone and they primarily use Google Search as their preferred browser.  Google’s browser is divided up into three sections:

  1. Adwords
  2. Local Search
  3. Organic Search
  4. Social 

By placing yourself in these three areas when someone looks for your services gives you a significant advantage in getting the call and lead.

The problem with a lot of contractors is the don't focus at all on these or if they do, not for long enough to make it work for them.

Ok how do we solve this for you?  Well you have four options  to consider divided up into short - medium - long-term time periods.

In order to build out your brand authority online and start generating calls for your business, your brand need to concentrate on 3 areas and those are:

  • Paid Search
  • Local Search
  • Organic Search
  • Social

These systems are into short medium and long term

  • Short term how do we get you calls now in the next 1-6 weeks using Google Adwords
  • Medium Term (6-10 weeks) Local search using Google Business Profile and Geo based search (Google maps)
  • Long-term (12 - 30 Weeks) we focus on SEO and organic search including social media based search.  

The fourth and remaining focus is social media when people are not looking for roofers but when they are relaxed is a good time to remind them of who you are and how good you are so when they do need you, you're the expert to call.

When you occupy these three areas in search for your primary keywords and you are seen to provide the best advice and expertise when delivering your service, the longer you do this the reinforced your brand authority becomes and consistent leads and calls become reinforced by your consistent position as the expert and authority in your local area for your service.

We make sure your brand becomes the authority and the expert for your chosen roofing service in your geographic target area over the next twelve months and until you command that spot so you dont have to worry about the next time you have changing circumstances, your position of authority is embedded and will continue to be so as the more you do the bigger it gets.   

The Problem:

How do you consistently and reliably solve the problem of generating roofing calls and leads consistently every month so you can reliably know exactly how to generate more calls and leads when you need them and not be too concerned about when the next project finishes how to get more work lined up.

The Solution:

Start by building out your authority and expertise online using 4 mechanisms and platforms to generate more calls, those are Google Adwords, (Paid Traffic) Organic Traffic (SEO), Local Search (My-Profile) Social Media (Facebook).  For more info go here

About the author, Patric Foley

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