Adwords Campaign Mistake No. 2 For Roofers

Roofing PPC Ad Mistakes

If you have had a chance to read our number 1 mistake made when running roofing ad campaigns in Google Adwords, you will have seen that we pointed out the Number 1 mistake is sending an ad to a home page usually of a website and not sending the ad to a specific landing page that is designed to convert the home-owners or property owner.

The Problem:

The key problem for a-lot of roofing business owners has been that when they run an ads campaign whether run by themselves or by a local marketing agency, it is often the case, the the ad campaign is not run or set up correctly to convert the prospect into a customer in the most optimised manner, resulting in poor conversations (roofing quotes or estimates) and a very expensive cost per call and we know that roofing ads can be expensive depending on the city and location.

The Solution:

Is a properly optimised campaign that will give you the very best chance in converting prospects into customers at the lowest possible cost so you can continue to run ads profitable and have a low cost per call.  The solution is better campaign structure and optimisation that will guarantee a profitable ad campaign.  Run an ad with an offer to a landing page with an offer

Sending Ads Traffic To Websites

This creates our Number 2 problem: It is difficult to create an offer and create an ad that matches that offer so when the customer say for example: a prospect is looking for to find a local roofer who can repair a flat roof that is leaking.

The go to google ads and put in the keyword "Flat roofing repairs City"

No relevance in the ad to what the prospect is looking for so you end up with a prospect moving on to another ad to see if they're query is related to what they are looking for, a flat roofing repair company in city.  Missed opportunity.

The result of this are the following: A prospect puts in the keywords" flat roofing City" and is taken to a generic home page with the heading Roofers in City!  Nothing relevant to what the searcher wanted, no if you are searching on a mobile device, you now have to navigate that page if you can find it to find out if they or do or don't do flat roofing repairs. See below ( image below is result of clicking on ad) result is not directly relevant to searchers intent

As we can see from the image above, "flat roof repair City" keyword query by a home owner goes to a general roofing company website with very little above flat roofing repairs.

Insert Image

Should have opened on a flat roofing webpage with a flat roofing repair offer offering a free flat roofing repair quotation or discount today from one of the best flat roofing companies in the city, instead it gives this company no advantage over their competitors and loosing business running an ad that does not work or unlikely to work.

Conclusion & Solution

  1. Design a landing page for your ads and do not send your paid ads to your website.
  2. Separate each category service and send each service to a specific landing page that is related to that service
  3. Your ads should make an offer to the prospect or property owners and that same offer should follow through in the landing page that you send them to for consistency.

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