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Where & How Get Leads Quickly

OK, so you want to do some marketing for your roofing businesses but don't know where to start. Well, I’m going to show you the most effective and proven way out of all the options you have. 

Let's look at a few and identify why most are less suitable or at least less of a priority if you want to start getting leads now.  If you are not in a rush and want to start planning ahead, w'ell all the options below are a possibility however if you want to get leads tomorrow then see my recommendation below.  For now let's look at what's not going to work

What Wont Work For You Now And Why!

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Leaflets
  • Referrals
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Facebook & Mobile Ads
  • Online Directories
  • Google Business Profile

Why These Roofing Marketing Options Won't Work For You Today?

  • Email Marketing, requires you to build up a list of potential prospects who are interested in your services, takes a few months to do and when you do it, these prospects are potential customers for life but takes time and not the way to get started today.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, you will need to hire a SEO expert to spend the next 6-8 months ranking and optimizing your website, whe this is achieved, you will get plenty of free calls and leads form clients but will take the best part of a year to achieve depending on the size of the city and the amount of competition you are up against, great option but will take time and money.
  • Leaflets - The tried and tested system and tends to be used by older roofers who apply the 1980’s marketing strategies, takes time and requires consistent effort, can work but you can't scale it, can be done and achieved reasonably quick but you have no idea if its effective and if you deliver 3000 flyers, all of them could go to people who are not ready for your services so a lot of waste and no scalability.  
  • Newspaper ads - can be effective and still used by a lot of roofing contractors.  Can be expensive given the returns that come out of it and again, no consistency and no scalability from it, if you need more work, very hard to run more ads and get more calls for your costs. Can be effective for lead generation for roofing contractors but not to be used and the main source of leads.
  • Facebook Ads - Social media unlike Adwords is never a go to source for services as its social, its intent is social and you can pull plenty of homeowners who want their roofs repaired but they're not on Facebook with that intention. So you have to grab their attention and prioritize their intent with an offer or some favorable than a free quote etc. Social media works but customers' intent (purchasing intent) is lower than other sources such as Adwords etc.
  • Mobile Ads - similar to social media, customer purchasing intent is low and requires creating something of greater value to bring the prospective customer across the line, not that suitable and effective as getting roofing leads in the next 48-72 hours
  • Online Directories - There are alot of online directories at this stage, the most obvious is what we used in the past “Golden Pages” however when was the last time you opened one?  Or when online to find the Golden Pages to find a local service?  Probably not in years, well that's probably why I don't recommend it.  It’s 1980’s marketing and occasionally good to have your company on there for branding, that's the only real use it will be to you.  
  • LinkedIn - Good for contacts and building relationships and profile but not much good to get roofing leads by tomorrow.  Good to be on there and have your company on there for branding and profile, not much good for us for now.
  • Reviews & Google My Business - Great for getting calls and leads from customers, I highly recommend it but will require you a few weeks of work to get working and should be step 2 in the process immediately after you have a few calls coming in and things rolling, make sure your GMB profile is listed on Google, your address for your business is verified and start driving reviews, very good as a step 2.

How To Get Leads Today

You are Going to start receiving roofing leads in the next 72 hours by using Google Adwords, the quickest way to get them. Customers have the highest purchasing intent and they can find you with what's in their hand right now, their mobile phone.  

For those of you are not that familiar with how people search for services these days and those customers with high purchasing intent, if you are familiar with this process, you can skip ahead but think about it, your roof is leaking, its bucketing down outside and you need a roofer to seal a leak in your roof. 

What do you do?

Step 1. You pick up your phone, 

Step 2. You type in "Roofers Near Me" or "Roofers + City"

Step 3. You are presented with Four Options in Order by Google

Options by visuals on your phone or computer

So what you see first are any businesses registered in Google Guaranteed Ads which have priority over regular ads as they are guaranteed by Google. There are between two and three companies listed here.  

 Second Listing is the are the regular Google Adwords and both of these ads in both 1 and 2 are both connected in that you need to be running regular google Ads to have been showing up in Google Guarantee Ads.


Ok so below the above two options of both Google Ads and Google Guarantee Ads you will be able to see here in the next image, a listing for Google My Business Profile, option three on our list presented by Google.

Option 3 - Google My Business or Business Profile

As you scroll down your device, you will now see the low map listing for local businesses and they will show all businesses that are verified and not verified as well as company reviews and contact details, if you're not registered or listed you wont show here.

Fourth and final listing is the Google Organic listing, this is the standard top 10 local listings on Google for the keyword you are putting in, in our case its “Roofing Dublin” if you have spent time and money on SEO or search engine optimization, you will start showing up here and remember these listings are free on not part of paid ads.

Option 4 - Google Organic (Later Option)

How We get roofing leads in the next 48-72 hours is using Google Adwords and to make sure when we setup our Google Adwords account that we are Google guaranteed and setup our account we we can show in regular Google Ads and eventually on Google Guarantee so you are in the fist two listings on Google in any device when someone puts in “roofers + City” as seen below in this image

Three options to start generating roofing leads in the next 48-72 hours are as follows:

Leads in 72 Hours: In order of Time It Takes To Get Results

  1. Google Adwords (We can set this up in an afternoon but has to be done effectively)
  2. Google Guaranteed Ads (Apply, can take a week but will kick in fairly quickly, if you are already signed up, you are good to go once you setup Adwords and set spend per day)
  3. Google My-business profile ( Can take a week or two to get verified, if you are already listed then you are good to go and can have an immediate impact)

So as you can see when someone picks up the most convenient device they have at hand with high intent of purchase and looks for a a local roofing contractor, if you are listed in the right place at the right time using Google Guaranteed Ads, Google Adwords and Google Maps, you will have no problem in bringing in roofing leads.  

Now this can be setup and running in less than 24hours to have you listed on Adwords, then get the phone ringing and then start your GMB listing if you dont have already it done, if you do great, connect it to Adwords and you now have two out of three done.  Apply for Google Guarantee which usually takes less than a week and then you are no three out of four areas where a homeowner can find you if done correctly.  

If you need help in achieving it, we have done this for over 100 roofing contractors and yes we can do it better than probably all agencies between Ireland and the UK, we specialise in just working with roofers so we know what w'ere doing.  Get in touch.  

If you need help achieving this, get in touch.

About the author, Patric Foley

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