How To Advertise Your Roofing Business

Four Steps

How To Advertise A Roofing Business Profitably

Traditional advertising V's Digital Marketing Options and Outcomes

Getting A Consistent Flow of Calls and Leads

How to advertise so you can generate a consistent flow of roofing calls and leads every month consistently and reliably.  What options do you have and what outcome will you get with each option? For example if you advertise your roofing business in a local newspaper, what will you get for it and how much will it cost against running google Ads?

We look at what is the best system for your money and how you do this on scale so you can grow your business consistently and reliably every month without worry.   

We look at the difference between traditional marketing using newspapers, flyers, local directories and local ads against Digital marketing using Adwords, Social, Local Search and SEO.  

Which option is the best for you and why and how many calls can you expect to get?  

Local traditional media advertising such as newspapers will vary widely depending on readership and what city you are in and what size ad you take out etc etc.  Average costs are approximately €100 or £80 per week and will deliver on average 2/3 calls a week, these are conservative averages, the average call  or lead will cost you about €40 / £30 and you will generate about 10/12 leads a month.  The downside of this is its not scalable and not consistent and you will need to be doing flyers, newspapers and all other traditional options to try and generate a good flow of calls.

Digital Marketing on the other hand such as Google Adwords is scalable and is on your mobile device at hand and you can expect to generate 50/80 calls a month in a city with a population of 200K to 300K conservatively.  This can be increased using other options such as Google My-profile which includes some ads as well as map listings.  If you include all three options 1. Adwords 2. Google My-Profile 3. Website SEO, you can generate upwards of 100 calls a month consistently with calls costing around €50/60 a calls and £45/55 depending on where you are and what city you are running your ads in. 

Digital marketing  is a lot more scalable and consistent in a way that traditional media is not, although costs are going up but they are going up in all areas of advertising but digital marketing is the only real option to grow.  Traditional advertising is so complementary but only as a backup to your primary source where you can build out your authority and expertise to help increase your call volume every month and the longer you do it, the more established your brand becomes reinforcing your authority and expertise.  For help in this check out more and schedule a call with us at go to:

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