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Without going on too much about what we do, being Irish we like to stay on the modest side of things so i'll show you the numbers instead and you can work out the rest for yourself to judge if you think we can deliver what we say we do.  

We specialise in working with Roofing & Construction contractors only.  We deliver a limited number of services as we know what works when it comes to to leads and calls for contractors, that is Organic Rankings (SEO) Paid Ads ( Adwords) Local (Google Profile) & Social (Facebook).  We help deliver on average over 5,000 calls (See Image 2 below) every year to our clients and this is growing each year.  We expect to bring that to 6K this year.  You can see from the images below some of our numbers with regard to evidence of the screen captures taken from different accounts inside Adwords and in our client accounts on our calls system.  

(Please Note that the Patric Thomas Brand is now

  • Some of our success stories from accounts take below in side of our tracking systems.  Image 1 below shows 754 calls delivered to one of our clients at an average cost of €13 per call and lead. 
  • Image 2 below shows our call volume delivered to our clients in 2020 during Covid, we delivered over 5135 calls and this does not include email leads.
  • Image 3 below shows 203 calls for manly guttering and roof repairs delivered over the course of the campaign for an average cost of just under €19 per call.
  • Image 4 shows us delivering 5036 calls during 2021, this should have been more but during Covid our numbers were a bit behind.  

Our Testimonials:

We will update this when our testimonials page is updated, in the meantime, if you need any verification on any of the above numbers and figures, we would be happy to help. 

Our Case Studies:

coming soon, check back for this page when its updated.  If you want to have a quick chat to see if we can help your roofing business, book below to have a quick call.

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