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The Right And Wrong Roofing Ad...

When it comes to constructing and ad for a roofing services you provide or your client provides, there are a lot of things that can go right and go wrong and so often, the construction of an ad is wrong, now in the past it was possible to get away with it but since the increased use of mobile for search purposes, more money is being wasted and opportunities are being lost.

With the mobile as a device for search, you cant afford have it incorrect as the user has limited capacity to go digging for the right information and less so when it comes to an emergency based service.

Search Intent

The mobile device has limited ability to move around for more info and the searcher has probably limited patience to wait to find it as well.  So it needs to match the intent of the searcher, for example, if the searcher (the property owner) want to find a service that provides "roofing repairs City" and using a mobile device, if they are not served the correct and best ad, then the chances of converting them are limited but most certainly when a poor ad with less relevance than your competitor is served.  See the following example:

The Search keyword is "roof repairs city"

Two ads served as your choice:

The Incorrect ad is highlighted in RED and discussed below in Red.

The correct ad is highlighted in GREEN here to outline the difference

See if you can identify why they are correct and if you were a property owners looking for this service which one are you more likely to call?

Right Ad

  • Search keyword in the url
  • Search keyword in the title tag of the ad
  • Description of the keyword is in the description of the ad itself
  • Has extensions with the keyword at the end of the ad

Wrong Ad

  • No search keyword in the url
  • No search keyword in the title tag of the ad
  • Very little description of the keyword in the description of the ad itself
  • No extensions with the keyword at the end of the ad


In order to have success especially with mobile but with any device that you are running roofing ads to, you need to make sure that the ad is as specific and as relevant as possible to so when someone clicks on your ad, the chances of converting them are far greater and to get the best possible financial return for your money.  For more info on roofing ads campaigns, contact us.

Components of The Perfect Roofing Ad for Adwords

  • 1. has the keyword in the url
  • 2. Has the keyword in the Heading title
  • 3. Has the search keyword in the description
  • 4. Has relevant extensions
  • Has a contact phone number in the ad

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