Why Most Roofing Ads Campaigns Don’t Work

Number 1 Mistake Made By Most Roofing Contractors When Come To Paid Ads

Ok so you're wondering what is the the one thing you can do to your roofing ads campaign that will start to segregate you from the most of your competitors?

Well there is a few things you can do but if we had to nail it down to just one thing that would start to give you the edge over other competing roofers in your city...

Well before give you the answer, first of all lets look at what has changed with online search in the last 5 years or so...

The biggest change is the mobile phone is now king of search and is increasing and has passed out desktop search

Because the usage of mobile has grown and passed out desktop, the problem arises when most websites today were not designed and built with mobile in mind and even though most sites are now mobile friendly, they are still poor quality when viewed on a mobile screen.

Instead of driving paid ads to a website they should be sending them to landing pages built for Adwords with mobile in mind so you have the best possible chance of converting a client for the time you have time on your ad.


Lets look at some example, take any large city, say Dublin (Ireland) with a population of 1.2 million and a keyword search like "roofers Dublin" has around 2400 search a month for position 1 according to Google Adwords keyword search:

Lets look at the following first four ads listed for the keyword "roofers Dublin" with a search volume of 2900 on average every month.

All ads are running to a website as we can see from the url with clicking into them but if you put in the urls in the search bar, all are websites and poor roofing websites at that.

Top Four Ads for The Keyword "Roofers Dublin"

all going to a website and not to a landing page

All four ads will suffer with conversions resulting in poor volume of calls and poor results in overall call volume for the campaign.

If you want any help with your roofing ads campaign and want an expert to generate proven results for you, well make sure you are the number 1 ad for the search "roofers Dublin". Contact us for more info

About the author, Patric Foley

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