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Roofclient System

Our Story

Roofclient is an international marketing agency that specialises in digital marketing services for roofing contractors.  Founder and owner Patric Thomas has been a marketing consultant for over fifteen years in helping local business owners build out their brand authority and expertise so they can stand out from their competitors and start to be seen as the go to experts giving them advantage over other competitor roofing contractors.  While providing a full range of digital marketing services from Adwords to SEO, we are experts in building out authority roofing brands that dominate various cities and locations, you case studies for more examples on this.

At the time of writing this, we have delivered over 13,000 calls to roofing contractors that includes during the Covid period and this is increasing as you can see from the image above we improved from 10K to 13K  in the previous 36 months.  Our only focus to to get our roofing & construction clients calls and leads, nothing else.  

Where  We Started

Patric started out in helping local business owners generate leads and calls and from here started to realise what it takes for some business owners to get calls over other competitors and started to see what separated one client from another and how they were perceived online and how this could be enhanced to build authority and expertise starting locally and growing it from their.  

We started with Lead generation as this was the primary challenge of a lot of business owners, how to get the phone ringing on a regular bases and how to position you brand profile and authority using their websites, Google maps, social platforms as well as organic rankings for heavily searched content keywords, if you can start to dominate these areas locally, its easy to build and grow your profile from there as an expert whether its locally or nationally.

Before You Hire Anyone, Consider The Following

The Problem: Marketing Service Providers..

The simple issue that we see with clients who coming to us after they have used other marketing services and the issue with this is most digital marketing providers are not specialists in the industry, they are generalists and the challenge with this is, they get the same results that most other generalist marketing providers get, often little to no results at all.  

The Solution: Hire A Specialist & Expert

This may see obvious but its not the path taken by most roofing and construction contractors, they hire anyone they think can do the job but when you hire an expert and specialist for your industry, the know it sideways, they know how to get the leads, otherwise they wont be in business or they have to change back to a generalist marketing agency that can get always get more work from other industry niches.  An expert cant do this, they have to get the results or they go out of business quickly.  

When you commit to what you do and do it well and master it like any trade or master craftsman, you know the challenges and how to overcome them.  You know the industry and when you commit to it, you have to burn your boats and make it work,  no fall back or safety net required.  We deliver.  Get touch below to see if we can help you.  We don't work with all clients as we know exactly who we can help and how.  click below to book a time to chat.  

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